How Sylva Undermine Tinubu

By Ovie smith yenagoa
It is after all through that Chief Timipre Sylva was the major financier of Senator Ahmed Lawani’s Presidential bid in APC!

The former National Chairman of APC, Adamu Abdullahi, hatched the Lawan’s plot with certain elements including Sylva, who clearly told them he would prefer to be Vice-Presidential running mate to Lawan, then Senate President.

Several meetings were held and Sylva never hid his resentment to the Ahmed Tinubu’s Presidential bid.

The APC National Chairman, Lawan, Sylva and others were mounting pressure on former President Muhammadu Buhari, to make a declaration support for Lawan until the Primaries.

A few others in the Lawan group withdrew from the Presidential bid but Timipre Sylva, who wasted his N100 million kept mum, hoping Lawan could triumph in the primaries over Tinubu.

Despite the political chest of Tinubu as demonstrated ahead of the primaries, Chief Timipre Sylva further directed all Bayelsa delegates to vote for former Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan during the APC presidential primaries.

Sylva, supported a Northern APC aspirant to the end.

The same President Bola Tinubu that Timipre Sylva worked so hard against, is the same man he is claiming to have a good relationship with, and soliciting support in the November 11th gubernatorial election.

Back in 2015, this same Sylva sold out his brother, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, in the Presidential Election and castigated the persons of Dr. Jonathan.

And now, Sylva is chasing shadows to return as Governor of Bayelsa State after 12 years he was removed unceremoniously by the Supreme court over his illegal tenure extension.

His many sins of betrayals and political miscalculations are now hunting him, jumping from one office to the other. This desperation is too loud!

He should allow Bayelsa breathe! Not Sylva again!

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