Militant Groups Warn,Mr Austin Ozobo ,To Desist From Attacking Olu Of Warri

Story by Ovie smith yenagoa
Ex-militant leaders under the auspices of Anti Pipeline Vandalization and Crude Oil Theft Taskforce Group in the Niger Delta with the Coalition of Ex- Militant Leaders Forum of Ijaw and Itsekiri in Delta State, on sunday warned one Mr Austin Ozobo to immediately cease and desist from abusing and attacking His Imperial Majesty, The Olu of Warri Kingdom, Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR,

The angry ex-militant leaders sternly and strongly warn Ozobo whom they described as a jobless fellow that is being used by his paymasters in the region as instrument of distraction to infuse bad blood between the Itsekiris and the Gbaramatu kingdom Ijaws, after an emergency meeting conveyed by the National Coordinator of the group, Gen, Osama with the Coalition of Ijaw and Itsekiri Ex Militant Leaders Forum, which came up with a statement jointly signed by the two ex Militant Leaders Gen, Oritsegbubemi (AKA) Action Papa, Where they issued the warning.

They said Ozobo’s unguarded press Statement channeled to the Olu is disrespectful, disheartening, insultive, provocative disregard and derogatory rained on the highly respected monarch is demean, and drag his personality before online and social media space is a pure sacrilege to the Itsekiris in totality, which they the ex Militants condemned in entirety and will not be tolerated in any form. “And on the foregoing if Mr Ozobo refuses to tender an open apology to the highly respected Olu Of Warri Kingdom, who is one of the most respected Federal Monarch’s in the Niger Delta who is a member of Council Of Nigeria Traditional Rulers (NTRC) which is the Apex Council of all Traditional Rulers in the country, We will be forced to take drastic decision against Mr Ozobo and smoke him out of his hiding.

According to them, Ozobo was playing a script that is already conceived by his paymasters, whose payroll he belongs to, and vowed to go after him and will smoke him out in no distant time if he refuses to discontinue from such attack to the Olu Of Warri Kingdom, because they are on his trail to track him down already, and Mr Austin Ozobo is too small to match their firepower in the Warri environs and in Niger Delta, if the dance begin.

The statement reads in part, “It is with serious anger we are putting out this, because we are really saddened by the boldness of Mr Austin Ozobo who hails from Ayakoromo community under Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State that is not a host to any of the oil facilities in Niger Delta, neither produce a single drop of Oil, either a host to any pipeline in the Niger Delta to put out such demean disheartening, disgusting and unprintable insultive words to drag the personality of our revered Olu Of Warri Kingdom, who is a peaceful initiator, major unifier of different ethnic nationalities in the Niger Delta, A job provider, vanguard of peace building and development, and a foresighted monarch that is highly respected before the international communities with all sense of humility and humour to be described as a non stakeholder in the Niger Delta region and went as far as calling for the Revocation of the Olu Of Warri portion of the pipeline surveillance contract Job being operated by Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited PINL, Company in the region.

“It is not surprised to us for Ozobo who is a jobless fellow that is roaming about in Warri environs searching for daily survival, we know very well that Mr Ozobo will always do anything possible to protect his cup of tea, as far as it pleases his paymasters no matter who’s ox is gose, therefore we are not surprised at these outbost, but it is unfortunate and uncalled for, for such disheartening diminishing, disrespectful and provocative comments, for him to carelessly put out a blackmailing insultive and derogatory Statement, which he had the guts to call for the Revocation of the Olu Of Warri portion of the pipeline surveillance contract Job being operated by Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (PINL) and referred the Olu Of Warri Kingdom to a non stakeholder in the Niger Delta that not supposed to benefit from the pipeline surveillance contract in the region.

“But the ex militant leaders adviced him to refrain from using such unwarranted unreasonable poor senseless insightful carless and demean comments not to be channeled to the revered Olu Of Warri Kingdom any longer in other to do him a good, if not he will be smoked out and pay dearly for such irritating comments, online and social media space henceforth.

The Militant group want to know, what really prompt Mr Austin Ozobo for making such dirty careless comments and unfounded facts about His Imperial Majesty on social media, that the Olu is not a stakeholder in the Niger Delta as such he is not supposed to benefit in the pipeline surveillance contract job in the region, the painful aspect of it all is that, Mr Ozobo also went far as to alleged that it was Tompolo who single handedly fought hard to secure these multi-million dollar pipeline surveillance contract job, and that the Olu is just a beneficiary to it, as such he is calling for the Revocation of the Olu Of Warri portion of the pipeline surveillance contract. These statement is condemnable highly insultive, discriminative and disrespectful to the Itsekiri Nation as one of the highest crude oil producing Ethnic tribes in the Niger Delta, and to the Olu’s personality and the throne in particular.

“And the fellow who call himself an activist whose Community does not have a single drop of crude oil not to talk of host to any oil facilities and pipeline Infrastructure in the Niger Delta now have the guts, the temerity and the order city to call for the Revocation of the portion of the pipeline surveillance contract that is being by the Olu Of Warri, and also referred the Olu Of Warri to some set of misguided elements in the region who take pride in threatening their fellow ethnic tribes with oppressive methods to always wanting to hijack everything to themselves for every given opportunity in the region. “These is an abomination and a sacrilege before us, and he will not go scott free for those insultive derogatory Statements.

“If you Ozobo refuses to discontinue and retrace your footsteps from such act, we will be left with no option than to declare you wanted and you will be used as escape goat, a word is enough for the wise.”However, the group clarified that, “It is good we should use this opportunity to educate the general public including Ozobo who has played the script of his paymaster and
for reference point, for tomorrow’s sake.

“We want the presidency, Nigerians and Niger Deltans to know that, the revered Imperial Majesty OGIAME ATUWATSE III (CFR) the Olu Of Warri Kingdom is the host to the largest bulk of Oil and Gas facilities in the Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State that is host to Chevron Nigeria Limited and other major oil companies, and host to the Trans Escravos Warri Kaduna NNPC major delivery pipeline, the same time, the Olu Of Warri is host to most of the NNPC/NPDC/Shell Nigeria Limited and Chevron Nigeria Limited Oil facilities under Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State.

“The same thing applicable to Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, the Olu Of Warri is also host to a major part in the OML30 Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) that is 48 inch line that cut across over 1,11 communities that is being operated by Shell/NNPC/Heritage Company from the Forcados terminal.

“It is also imperative to point out that the Itsekiri tribe in which the Olu Of Warri is their revered monarch is the largest crude oil producing tribe in Delta State and also the Olu Of Warri contribute a large portion of the over 1.2 to 1.6 million barrels of crude oil daily production output to the Federation that is being shared as revenue to the 36 States and Fct with the 774 Local Government Areas of the country. Therefore Mr Ozobo and his paymasters should take note of this verifiable fact about the Olu Of Warri kingdom and his dominance in Delta state, as a personality.

Lastly Mr Austin Ozobo should wake up from slumber and ignorance about the Tompolo pipeline surveillance contract job that is being operated by Tantita Security Company, that is being awarded by NNPC Limited, to the total amount of $370,807,173.00 annually and not N4 billion that is falsely spread in the public domain to deceive and blind fold timid people like Ozobo who are naysayers that is under their payroll with peanuts, Mr Ozobo and the general public should know that, the above Trans Niger Pipeline (TFP) surveillance contract was awarded to the tune of over ($1. 3billion dollar) which is over N1.trillion naira, and it was shared into three portion, Eastern corridor, Western corridor and Central corridor, and the Western corridor was awarded to Tompolo’s Tantita Security Company at the total sum of $370,807,173.00, in dollars therefore Mr Austin Ozobo and his fellow disgruntled and misguided elements who are naysayers in the region should wake up from slumber and open their eyes, and never again appoint accusing fingers to the Olu Of Warri henceforth. The Militant group warned”

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