Emotion filled Spelling Bee Bayelsa Recap

Eunice Nnachi

Understanding and managing emotions is an important aspect of emotional intelligence, which can help us in various areas of our lives, including relationships, communication, and overall well-being.

Just so with the Spelling bee Bayelsa competition, which was emotion-filled, the spellers was visibly crying, experiencing and expressing a range of emotions.

Though this might be similar to how humans experience and express emotions. But truth be told, it was an awesome experience for me

At a time I asked the convener, what is happening, she said “that is how it is.” But it was fun.

And so the tenth edition of the Bayelsa Spelling Bee Competition for primary and secondary category came to an end with Mame Joanna, emerging as the winner and Inko Sodana Precious for secondary.

The competition was powered by Creative Xpressions International, a media and education firm.

The Spelling Bee competition which was held at Davem Mini Hub & Children Music School, at the weekend in Yenagoa had the Spellers winning cash prizes of up to N150,000, 75,000, and 50,000 respectively and many other gift items.

Basking in the euphoria of the success of Spelling Bee event, Dr Ebidenyefa Tarila Nikade expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the front line sponsors, Sundry Foods, Market square, First Exploration & Petroleum Development Company Limited, Lagos, and other local brands that joined forces to make the Spelling Bee a success, including a nongovernmental, Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF

Dr Nikade said, “today we hosted the 10th edition of the event for pupils in public and private Primary School in Bayelsa State.

“This is the first time we are concentrating on science based words and the children were able to assimilate them and reproduce them round after round until a winner emerged.

“It’s been a fantastic experience, quite intriguing, quite a lot of anxiety attacks from the children, it was fun filled, entertaining and educative as well.

“This is a program that is supposed to be supported by the relevant agencies and the government but we have not been fortunate to access that level of commitment from those agencies.

“But the Spelling Bee, Bayelsa has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education, so they are aware that this kind of program is ongoing, they give us permission to host the program, to also invite public and private schools to participate in the program, so they are aware, that is the much support they have given to us.

“Every year is an improvement on the previous one so we are hopeful that next year would be better than this one.”

The two days event had the Junior Category, Mame Joanna from the Jacob Beredugo International School emerged as the winner while Mame Eliora from the same school came second,
Nnamdi Chinaza, from Amcel Breed International school, came third, Latica Ojukonsin, also from Amcel Breed International school took forth and Amaegbe Patricia from Tarepet Montessori Group of Schools took fifth position.

In the Senior Category, the first position went to Inko Sodana Precious from Tarepet Montessori Group of Schools. Miss Opuene Michelle from New Total Child Academy took the second position. There was a tie in the third position between Berachah Michelle Okumoko from Faith Comprehensive International Secondary School and Ominigbo Amararu Natei from New Total Child Academy hence the fifth position went to Ebi-Samuel Marvellous from New Total Child Academy.

Highpoints of the event was presentation of checks to winners of the spelling Bee for primary and secondary categories, with Dictionaries, school bags, scramble games and many other items

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