True Labour Party Candidate In Bayelsa State

Elizabeth Vincent yenagoa
When Barr. Julius Abure faction was restrained by Alhaji Lamidi Apapa faction on 5th of April, 2023 in law Barr. Julius Abure should have vacated that Order which restrained him from performing any function as a chairman of the Labour Party but he refused to go to court to vacate that Order at the FCT high court Abuja and he went ahead in conducting party primaries in the states of Imo, KOGI and Bayelsa on the 16th of April, 2023.
 And thereafter he went to court on the 15th of May 2023 which time has elapsed because the Law says he should have been in court within 14 days, so he went for Appeal Court, Abuja and the Appellate court held the decision of the lower court which he should have approached the court within 14days, even at Supreme Court, it upheld the lower courts decisions.
 So all the primaries that was held in the 3 states becomes null and void because of FCT High Court, Abuja restraining Order which Barr. Julius Abure failed to vacate before going ahead to conduct the party primaries in those states.
Therefore, the Supreme Court held that the primaries conducted by Alhaji Lamidi Apapa faction are authentic because Barr. Julius Abure faction was restrained by the FCT high court.
In Bayelsa State, by the Supreme Court ruling Engr. Udengs ERADIRI is out of the picture because his primary was conducted by Barr. Julius Abure faction while Hon. Mrs.
Blessing Azibanagbal Clement who is from Ogbia LGA that from Alhaji Lamidi Apapa faction automatically emerged as the flag bearer of the Labour Party for the November 11 gubernatorial election as the candidate.
Alhaji Lamidi Apapa as the authentic chairman of the Labour Party has been officially communicated to INEC for the changes through their SAN.
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