FIDA Bayelsa, Harps On Surrogacy



By Elizabeth Vincent, Yenagoa

The International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA Bayelsa State has called on women to embrace alternative methods of having children when biological conception cannot be achieved.

FiDA Bayelsa also celebrated the 2023 Law Week in Yenagoa, the state capital with the theme: Surrogacy, IVF and Adoption: “The Legal Issues, Prospects and Challenges in Nigeria.’

Hon. Justice Matilda Ayemieye, Chief Judge, Bayelsa State who spoke on the theme during her keynote address stated that the topic is timely as more persons are now embracing these alternative methods of having children when biological conception cannot be achieved.

Ayemieye who was represented by the Deputy Chief Registrar, Hon Abise Theophilus emphasized that child adoption is growing across the country however, there is a need tackle the social stigma that prevents more women from accessing Surrogacy, IVF and Adoption.

“Having a child is seen as a security for women in marriage and child bearing in our society is the pride of womanhood, for those who face challenges in having their own children, they require support to explore these options”

Also speaking, President of the Customary Court of Appeal, Hon Daniel Ayah emphasized the need to educate more women on the legal framework for adoption and surrogacy.

The Keynote Speaker, Dr James Omietimi who delivered a lecture on the theme explained that Surrogacy, IVF and Adoption are known as third party conception which involves another person who assists two individuals in the reproductive process of achieving a pregnancy to bring forth children.

While speaking on the modalities and implications of using these methods, he further explained that detailed information and counseling is given to any couple, informed written consent is taken, confidentiality is guaranteed and medical records are to be kept safe and secure.

” Usually, young people between 18 to 25 donate sperm for couples who want to do IVF, but we screen them, individuals donating either sperm or eggs must be free from certain diseases such as Hepatitis, Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and other common disorders such as sickle cell or psychiatric disorders. Blood group and Rhesus factor must be determined, other relevant information from donors are their height, weight, colour of skin and eyes”

In the case of Surrogacy, he advised people who intend to use these method to transfer at least two eggs adding that the more embryos transferred into the uterus for conception, the more the chances of failure in the process.

He also advised persons who intend to adopt to desist from buying a child rather, they should go through the legal process of adoption.

In her opening address, Chairperson of FIDA Bayelsa State, Barrister Deme Pamosoo noted that the theme is apt as the role of legal framework cannot be overemphasized.

” On the issue of adoption, the Laws of Bayelsa State 2006 has made provisions for same, whereas for surrogacy, we as stakeholders must seek for the promulgation of the Law on Surrogacy in Nigeria to become legalized and binding”

Lady Eunice Nnachi, CEO of ENWAF who was present at the event commended FIDA Bayelsa for bringing professionals who provided clarity on issues of child adoption, surrogacy and IVF.

A panel of discussion headed by Mrs Iyabosa Apulu, the Director of Public Prosecution, Ministry of Justice pointed out that adoption is a conscious and willing step taken by a person to become a parent hence all adopted children have same legal rights as other children so they should be treated like other children.

They called on stakeholders to review the Adoption Laws by making amendment and ensure the implementation of legalities on Surrogacy.

Award presentations were made to distinguished individuals and organizations for their outstanding humanitarian services and support to FIDA Bayelsa State.

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