Nawoj reiterates commitment In promoting value women

Story by Elizabeth Vincent, yenagoa
The Nigeria women of journalist Bayelsa state chapter(NAWOJ),in collaboration with non governmental organizations(NGO) organized a one day program ,in commemorate for this year, international women’s day .
Speaking at  Ernest Ikoli press center NUJ Azikoro road ekeki yenagoa, was chairman  Nawoj Mrs Grace Orumieyefe, said  this year theme is focus on “invest in women: Accelerate progress;in targeting economic dis empowerment  however the campaign is inspired inclusion.
She further explain that,with the soring inflation rate, unemployment, hardship and poverty in the country, our leaders to need focus on impacting and empowering women and girls in the society
Stating that despite the hardship hope should be renewed, encourage lifestyle changes and improve the social welfare of the people.
Also speaking was the chairman of Nigeria union of journalist Bayelsa state chapter, comrade Samuel Numunegi, applued the women for organizing such an educating program.
 His amazed of Nawoj in Bayelsa how women are now thinking of  investing in education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and leadership opportunities tailored to their needs.
While he was growing up, his so attach to his mother, note that women are natural soft, that is where learnt how to be soft for women, and urge them to continue impacting more knowledge and awareness for the society.
The lecture delivered by Mrs Florence Ebi -Kakandar, veteran journalist ,on “harnessing the prospects and potentials of women”
 Empowering women economically, politically, and socially can drive sustainable development and gender equality in the region.
 This could include initiatives such as skills training, access to finance, mentorship programs, and policies promoting women’s rights and representation in decision-making positions.
The prospect and potential of women are vast and continually evolving. With equal opportunities and support, women can excel in various fields such as business, science, politics, arts, and beyond.
FIDA chairman Barr Dame Pamuso said  if women are giving fifty percent of Their perspectives, talents, and contributions enrich societies, driving progress and innovation.
Encouraging gender equality and empowering women unlocks immense potential for societal growth and development.Investing in women can indeed accelerate progress in addressing economic disempowerment.
When women are empowered economically, they tend to invest a significant portion of their income back into their families and communities, leading to improved education, health, and overall well-being.
 This multiplies the positive impact, contributing to economic growth and stability.
Also speaking was Lady  Eunice Nnachi said Supporting women-owned businesses, providing access to finance and education, and promoting gender-inclusive policies are crucial steps in harnessing the economic potential of women and advancing towards greater equality and prosperity, others in attendance MWAN,Starzz and many more.
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