By Kariyai Daukoru
If you see 4 Bayelsans gathered in one place and one is claiming he is the wisest,look at him very well,he is from Nembe. You see,Nembe seems to be very wise yet very very foolish. Easily manipulated,easily thrown into chaos,Nembe people are some of the only people in Bayelsa that will throwaway their origins due to nothing but pride. Need I say more? The Nembe man is a brave man. The Nembe man is a proud man. With a pride bigger than his chest,he finds no way of settling issues other than killing. Killing outsiders who look for their troubles ? Noooo,the Nembe man is meek and gentle outside, it is in Killing his own brother that he prides himself. It is in fighting his own brother that he prides himself.
Your mother’s are being killed,you’re shouting, Omo na Sylva ooo. Your brothers are being killed,you’re shouting,Omo na Douye Diri ooo. My brother you are a fooool. Look around your community, what has these people done to better your lives?
As a young growing child, i knew I was from OGBOLOMABIRI and BASSAMBIRI, today,they are now known as Nembe City and Opu Nembe. A testament to a people forgetting where they are coming from. Because one said,they’re Nembe City ,the other chose to be Opu Nembe? What is OPU about that Nembe and what is City about the other Nembe? Absolutely nothing but a reflection of their pride and poverty. Villages with no hope of turning into a city anytime soon. Kponshiki town,calling their selves big big names. Cities with water side toilets as projects. Sit down there,village people.Yes,with the amount of hatred in that land,becoming a city is not in sight.
The last election in Bayelsa State,Nembe was if not the only place where people killed each other for elections. Another election is coming,we are not even there yet and you people have started politicking with the lives of our people.
Nembe is supposed to have grown more than this,but wise people are scared of investing in that place,because one two three and they have burnt your structure to the ground. Douye Diri has helped you to build a unity bridge.
Left for me,that bridge should be burnt to the ground,because it will make it easier for you people to kill yourselves. What am I even saying ? When push comes to shove,you people will burn that bridge down yourselves. You people can never be united by a bridge because your hearts are black against each other. Handsome youths with zero sense. Somebody wey nor be King,go ban chiefs from entering their own community because of nonsense politics.
The video you see below is the lifeless body of an innocent woman killed in cold blood by stray bullets. From the position she’s laying, i think she was praying to God. Come on Nembe! Unite against external and internal forces naw. Come on!!
Nembe people I pity una. Una mumu don too much! Even Southern Ijaw the so called Centre of guns gave us a peaceful election last time. Nembe, the supposedly wise Bayelsans were the only people to kill themselves. Take a good look at your Opu Nembe and your so called Nembe city. There is nothing there. The town is ancient with no wonderful structures,investors are not coming. Everyone is aware,they can loose their properties any day,any time. I wish you people Goodluck in your self destructive agenda. People wey get village ,una no need to ban me sef,i don ban myself already…
Nonsense !!!!
Hi, I’m bayelsafreepress

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