Farmers in agroprenuer Tasks Minister On Agrictech, Empowerment

By Ovie smith yenagoa

Farmers in the Niger Delta under the aegis of Agropreneurs Multipurpose Cooperative Society (AMCS), have urged the new Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Abubakar Kyari, to prioritize Agritech which has the potential to drive positive change that aligns with several United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in the Niger Delta.

In a communique signed by the President, Preye Erenyanate and Secretary, Martin Ebisine and issued at the end of its meeting in Yenagoa, said that Agritech solutions offer transformative benefits that enhance farming practices, improve resource management, and contribute to a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Congratulating Abubakar Kyari who was the senator representing Borno North at the 9th National Assembly, for his appointment, Erenyanate said that the adoption of Agritech will foster innovation and enhances agricultural infrastructure in the Niger Delta.

He said farmers in the region are deeply committed to sustainable development, while recognizing the vital role that the minister’s leadership will play in transforming agriculture and driving President Tinubu’s food security plan in the Niger Delta.

“We are enthusiastic about aligning our efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by harnessing technology, education, and innovation to empower farmers in the region.

“The Niger Delta’s agricultural potential is immense for livestock, aquaculture and crop farming and by embracing technology and innovation, we can drive positive change that aligns with several SDGs”, Erenyanate said.

He appealed to the honourable minister to focus on the key areas Agritech will benefit the region which includes, improved crop yields, efficient resource utilization that contribute to food security, precision farming to reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact and data-driven monitoring to help adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects.

“Sustainable farming practices prevent soil degradation and protect biodiversity. Also, the importance of training and
education for sustainable farming cannot be over emphasized. Empowering farmers through education and training is a linchpin in achieving sustainable development in the Niger Delta.

“By equipping farmers with knowledge about modern practices, environmental conservation, and market trends, we can elevate their livelihoods and contribute to multiple SDGs. Farmers education aligns with providing accessible and relevant education to improve skills which will lead to increased productivity and economic growth.

“Monitoring and forecasting through precision agriculture ensure sustainable productivity while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. By integrating these practices, we can support several SDGs and ensure the long-term viability of agriculture in the Niger Delta.

“E-commerce offers a powerful way to bridge the gap between local farmers and digital markets, aligning with multiple SDGs. By connecting local produce with broader markets, we can foster economic growth, reduce inequalities, and promote sustainable consumption.

“By integrating technology, education, precision farming, and e-commerce into the agricultural landscape of the Niger Delta, we can make substantial progress toward the SDGs while fostering economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social well-being.

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