Cleagy Wants Media Not To Plunge Bayelsa Into Darkness

By Ovie smith yenagoa

A Christian cleric, Pastor Tam-Seth Eyedoude, has sounded a note of caution to the judicial and mass media institutions in Nigeria to shun manipulating truth and save the country from plunging into darkness.

“Else, anyone who perverts truth and justice would face divine judgement accordingly, he further cautioned.

The clergy’s declaration is coming at a time, many Nigerians and indeed the world are anxious to hear outcome of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), which is holding in Abuja, a season which Pastor Eyedoude stated would determine whether Nigeria would chose to have light and shine, or not.

Eyedoude, lead pastor of The Redeemed Glory Family Church Inc. at Agudama-Epie in Yenagoa, Capital of Bayelsa State, and Chairman of PFN, Bayelsa chapter, made the declaration, last Sunday in a sermon during a Thanksgiving service by the Bayelsa State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the church.

He sounded a note of warning that anyone who wants to manipulate the truth in any form or ways would incure a generational curse.

The cleric, who anchored his sermon on Genesis 1: 2, supported with other chapters and verses of the Bible, stressed that as God commanded that “let there be light, and there was light”, which comprehends darkness, so is light a symbolism of God’s goodness, truth and His force over evil and darkness.

He added that, every child of God, including leaders and professionals such as judges, justices and journalists were lights unto society, thus, they should let the light of sincerity and truth shine in their duties in order to overcome darkness.

“If any of your persons, brother, sister, father or mother is a judge, they have seen the light. If they turn that light to darkness, their generations will suffer. Go and tell them”, the clergy admonished.

He drew a parallel analogy between leadership that does not mean well for Nigeria, and physical darkness in terms of electricity supply, as some of the banes of development in the country.

Harping on the functions of journalists in a season of anxiety in Nigeria, and apparently also hinging his setting on the current electioneering in Bayelsa State, the Pastor, advised the NUJ to reject darkness, instead serve as light bearers to make society better. “Don’t follow darkness and complain”, he further admonished.

“God gave us journalism to be enlightened, not to be manipulated. As the light of society, be in control, instead of being controlled, Pastor Eyedoude further said, adding that journalists should be the light of the society by providing sincere and truthful reports, to direct and guide Nigeria and Bayelsa State towards progress.

He gave similar admonishment to the congregation in the church, as well as Christendom generally, noting that true born again Christians should prefer light to darkness, so that they would not have themselves to blame.

In a thanksgiving testimony on behalf of the Bayelsa State Council of the NUJ, the chairman, Comrade Samuel Numonengi, glorified God for seeing the union through its press week celebrations, and for protecting its members. He added that by the grace of God, the just-concluded press week, was one of the best in the state council’s annals.

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