ENWAF Harps On Exclusive Breast Feeding On 1000 Days After Birth

Story by Elizabeth Vincent

The Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, ENWAF has advised young mothers to engage in exclusive breastfeeding of their infants particularly in the first 1000 days after birth.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO ENWAF Lady Eunice Nnachi gave the advice during a sensitization campaign in some communities in Kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of Bayelsa State.

Lady Nnachi explained that exclusive breastfeeding promotes good health for mothers and their children and it is financially economical when compared to buying canned baby food.

” _Please breastfeed your children for six months, exclusive breastfeeding without adding water, breast milk already contains water, you don’t need to add water”_

She emphasized the need for women to properly position their babies during breastfeeding for the babies to get enough breast milk.

” _When you are breastfeeding, bring baby’s mouth close to the breast and ensure that the baby suckles on one breast until it becomes empty before you move to the other breast”_

Some of the women who attended the training expressed appreciation to ENWAF for educating and enlightening them on exclusive breastfeeding.

ENWAF visited communities like Odi, Sampou, Kaiama and spoke to over 100 women on the importance and benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.

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